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28 May 2010 @ 11:55 am

yoO minNa.......
ohAio, kOnicHiwa, kOnbawa, oyAsumi =p hehehehehe

weLcomE 2 my jouRnal...
foR d 1st, i'm RealLy soRy foR my hoRRibLe EngLish.
hopE u alL undERstAnd wHat i tRy 2 sAy^^
i jUst wAnt 2 sHaRe wHat i haVe and i makE 2 alL of u :D
hopE u Like it...

i'm so gLad if u Leave somE comMEnt 4 mE if u takE somE.
bcoz it cAn incRease my spiRit to makE tHings moRe^^
if u have some Request(relate icons, walLy, banner, layout), feeL fRee to telL me...
i tRy to heLp as i couLd :D
~i knOw my skilL isn't RealLy good now. but,if u don't mind...
i'm so gLad if i cAn to heLp u!!~

foR LAst...
i don't cLose the possibility if u want to be my fRiend...
i makE u suRe i dOn't BITE and aLso i'am a goOd giRL:D
(moRe abOut mE)

aRigatou 4 visit my LJ.

nicE 2 meEt u.......c u(^o^)/

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10 January 2010 @ 09:55 pm

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17 December 2009 @ 07:05 pm
yoo minNa-san, genki??^^

tHis is singLe N PV KAT-TUN in local Links(indo).
somE singLe i upLod, i don't incLude oRiginaL kaRaokE veRsion
douZo.....Collapse )
LocAtiOn: in my bEd!!!!
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21 September 2009 @ 04:08 pm
i veRy depRessEd w my EssAy.
aLmost 2 mOnth i neveR updAte my LJ>.<

i tHink i pUt sOmE Link caRtOon KAT-TUN i've upLod a few mONth ago.
bcOs so maNy fRiEnds oUt theRe havE upLod it in inteR seRveR..
soo, i jUst upLod it in LocaL seRveR(ind0).

heRe the List, some episOde thAt i havE upLod it:
~ CTKT 01
~ CTKT 02
~ CTKT 03
~ CTKT 31
~ CTKT 32
~ CTKT 67
~ CTKT 68
~ CTKT 72

if u wAnt in inteR Link...
feeL fRee to telL mE^^ i tRy to upLod it at seRveR u wAnt.

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06 August 2009 @ 12:15 pm
aLmost 1month i didn't update my LJ...
i don't knOw what shouLd i pOst.
coz i don't make anytHing tHis Last mOnth>.<

i'm busy witH my essay N woRk...
and i feeL littLe suck w/ pHotosHop coz my boss ask me to repair my woRk.
i don't mind if that my faLse, bUt it's himself mistake.
soo, i tHink i need time to Rest fRom that.

bUt, i'm stilL admiRer my LoveLy AKame...
so i upLoad Gokusen2 ReuniOn SP.
in indonesian Link:
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dozO... :D
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07 July 2009 @ 05:51 pm
i have make some banner long time ago...
but i forget to post it>.<
tRy to make some in my working time.
hop u like it :D


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05 July 2009 @ 08:06 am
feeL like a long time ago i haven't update my Lj....>.<
doesn't feeL today is Jin b'day.
i can't give anything to you...
just prayer so that you can get the best in caRieR, Love and anything in your life :D

to ceLebrate jin b'day...
(bcos aLmost of us can celebRate it  w/ him  T.T
i made some icons N banners, all jin^^

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04 July 2009 @ 06:59 am
i Like Jin nOt bcoz he handsome N cute...
ok..it's including to :D hehehe
bUt something fRom him make me moRe Like him is his peRfoRm.
eveRy jin peRform...especially his solo, always make me want to watch moRe>.<

soo, i want to share some jin perfoRm to you who feeL the same feel Like me...:D
i knOw in out theRe have a Lot of fangiRl have shaRe it.
bUt i can't to control myself to share it to.

dOwnloAdCollapse )

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20 June 2009 @ 02:32 pm
Qtina colLection KAT-TUN song downLoad.... :D

dozo...^^Collapse )
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14 June 2009 @ 06:04 pm
tomoRRow i aLReady finisHed watcH ef - taLe of meLodiEs(anime)...
foR mE...tHis animE is RealLy tough.
nOt bcoz thE stoRy, bUt bcoz the dialogue...
N this anime moRe tougH to mE bcoz my EngLish is so wEak>.<

bUt, appRoximateLy...
i undeRstAnd wHat the meAning N stoRy tHis anime.
nOw, i wilL nOt telL the stoRy.
bUt i wAnt to shaRe abOut Quote N songs fRom tHis anime...

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10 June 2009 @ 02:32 pm
tHis sOng aRe veRy oftEn i ListenEd RecentLy(song fRom my Own cOuntRy)
woRds fRom tHis song, RealLy touch my heaRt.

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05 June 2009 @ 07:04 pm
cRiticaL time in my colLege peRiod
i have a Lot tHing to do, bUt....
i dOn't do anytHing untiL now  T.T

i'm soo enthusiastic to make sOmetHing Related KAT-TUN,
especialLy AKame>.<
oohh God, pLease heLp me cOncentRate to finisH my EssAy>.<

heRe some icOns N walLpapRs fRom oLd scans mag.


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LocAtiOn: in my dREam!!
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28 May 2009 @ 10:11 pm

finalLy, todAy i have compLeted  watch "Anego"(Jin doRama)...

Jin soo kawai in this doRama. i RealLy Like tHis doRama>.<
hmmm, ok...in yukan cLub Jin Looks kawai too.
bUt, i pRefeR Love tHis doRama tHan yukan cLub...
maybe bcoz i Love Romance stoRy:D

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27 May 2009 @ 11:27 pm
i don't know why, RecentLy i make a Lot of tHing aboUt Jin than kAme...
nOt mEan tHat i betRayed kAme>.< i stilL tHink kame it's my icHibAn.
mAybe i tRy to opEn my heaRt foR Jin to!!!hehehehehe

some icons of jin fRom BTR conceRt^^
not thE bEst, but i hop u Like it...


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18 May 2009 @ 11:15 pm
I am very sad, happy, in pain, jealous and cuRious while reading a fanreport who watch BTR concert....
sometimes occasionally i cRy when reading the reports, bcoz i Really wAnt 2 watcH it diRectLy T.T
but I am very happy N my cuRious feEL sLightLy ReducEd
bcoz can see the fancam.
some of fancam fRom youtubE tHat i found it...
nOt in HQ but betteR :D

watch...Collapse )
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